Soul Again: Baby Steps and Giant Leaps:


I had the inspiration to start sharing part of my Soul Again Journey. I even started a page on the website for it and, except for writing “coming soon” on the page, nothing ever came of it.

Fast forward to today, after many synchronicities calling me to write, I’ve decided to finally start.

Insert drum roll…

I can’t believe how quickly a year passed. Mind you, it was a busy year and it wasn’t easy.

It all started so quietly. My lips were tingling. I put it down to my new facial cream and ignored it. The next day the sensation had increased. Two days later, while eating breakfast, I realized I couldn’t feel my mouth at all. By the end of the day the left side of my head was numb. It was the beginning of massive changes in my life and it all started so quietly.

A few weeks, doctor’s visits, tests and procedures later and I was told I may have multiple sclerosis. Suddenly, everything was different. Nothing I was doing made sense any more.

What hit me the most was the thought that I may not be able to walk one day. I’ve always loved walking but I didn’t realize how much until that moment. I thanked God for the many years I could walk and swore that I’d stop to be thankful more often for the things I’d taken for granted.

It’s a year later. I still don’t know if I have multiple sclerosis but I have full feeling back in my face. Again, something I’d taken for granted. When sensation started coming back to me I kept touching my face. I was so thankful that that feeling of touching my face and feeling like I was touching someone else’s face, was gone. I found out that South Africans have a better prognosis on diagnosis of multiple sclerosis because of the extra sunshine. Another reason to be grateful: for sunshine and being South African.

Today I booked my follow up MRI which will either confirm the diagnosis or not.

The visit to the hospital brought it all back and once again I was left with gratitude for all those “little things” that I miss while I worry about paying the bills. The bills still need to be paid, and they will be, but: I can feel my face, I can walk, the sun is shining and there’s music. Basically, I’m alive and very grateful to be here.

So here’s to my favourite “little things”: walking, laughing, time spent with friends and family, sunshine, rain, nature and music.

What’s your favourite “little things” that make you Soul Again?

Until next time
Still Soul Again

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