Today’s Mantra: Share Art and Magic

Everyday we get our share of negative news and things that makes us feel powerless.

To change the balance I’m starting a daily power mantra / quote. Please feel free to share your thoughts. Enjoy 🙂

Today’s Mantra: Share Art and Magic:

Everywhere I went yesterday I was overcome with the beautiful green of our city, Johannesburg, and I loved it. I didn’t go anywhere new, I simply remembered to look, to notice, to enjoy. Nature is my favourite art. 🙂

I was also touched by a bit of “magic”. 🙂 One of those moments where the “impossible” happen and you remember that anything is possible, if you trust / believe…

Later in the day I remembered a wonderful daily mantra puzzle I downloaded. The first three words you see is your day’s mantra. I decided to check what my mantra was. The first three words I saw were “share, art, magic”…

Ah, nothing left to do but smile. 🙂